Tadvin Co.



We help develop and improve accounting systems and controls, comply with industry and fiscal requirements, as well as new regulations, and account for complex transactions. Accordingly, we design the appropriate statutory accounting codes and procedures for each client individually depending on its specific business and perform statutory bookkeeping as the basis for preparing financial statements for each client.

We assist our clients with preparing and filing annual tax returns. We also help with preparation of tax petitions on behalf of our clients and if necessary accompany them to hearings conducted by the tax committee at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance with respect to such petitions.

Tax Consulting

We design tax strategies to help clients operate both efficiently and effectively. We offer expert advice with respect to corporate taxation issues including those affecting foreign contracts. We assure compliance with tax regulations and assist in addressing issues raised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance as they relate to our clients.


We advise and assist clients on the legal aspects of setting up, maintaining and winding up of various forms of PEs in Iran, such as subsidiaries (LLC, PGSC) and branch.

Secretarial Services

As market leaders in expatriate services, we assist clients with issues affecting expatriates including employment issues as well as immigration issues, human resources, recruitment, compensation, monthly payroll and compliance with social security, health insurance and different withholdings applicable to foreign companies operating in Iran. At the request of our clients and on their behalf, we can pay any applicable withholding taxes, other taxes and levies from dedicated trust accounts


Investment Consulting

We help clients identify business opportunities by locating companies in search for strategic partners either through equity participation or by providing technical assistance. We help with market entry strategies by furnishing detailed industry & sector analysis, performing financial due diligence related to specific companies or a specific industry as a whole as well as advising with respect to the optimal form of strategic alliances including possible joint ventures in terms of the legal structure, financing, management structure, information systems, expatriate remuneration, and employment issues. In addition, we help identify potential local partners, suppliers and customers. We also assist clients in registering their new business with the local authorities or deregistering their existing businesses.

Corporate Finance

We help companies initiate, structure, and manage transactions; negotiate joint ventures and strategic alliances; conduct business valuations; and help with different aspects of mergers & acquisitions.

Capital Markets & Financial Advisory Services

As capital markets in Iran evolve to reshape the future of the Iranian economy, international investors and financial intermediaries will play a more prominent role in the Iranian financial sector. Anticipating new opportunities requires re-engineering of the investment community in Iran. We help domestic companies with listings on the Tehran Stock Exchange and compliance issues as well as help pave the way for those companies wishing to tap the international financial markets. We also perform analysis on listed companies for our foreign clients wishing to directly invest in these companies.

Market Research

Tadvin Co. offers its clients insightful and detailed market research studies relating to different sectors. Our team of experts utilizes state-of-the-art methodologies, analytic techniques and technological advances to foster to the dynamic requirements of our foreign and domestic clients. Our team consists of local professionals, industry and sector specific experts and general research specialists. This team works closely with clients to pinpoint their objectives, develop and execute a thriving yet dynamic research plan and manipulate data in different ways to arrive at precise solutions.