Tadvin Co.
Tadvin Co., ranks among the leading professional firms in Iran offering a full range of services to both domestic and foreign clients. The firm which was set up in 1982 by the local partners and managers of its predecessor, Ernst & Whinney, provides clients with market expertise, a profound knowledge about the fiscal and regulatory regime in Iran and an extensive operative network through its global affiliates. Tadvin Co. believes such a combination of both local and global expertise fully serves the interests of our clients. Tadvin Co. also plays a crucial role in the dynamic regulatory business and legal framework by serving as experts at the request of legislators with respect to new legislation. Our partners and managers also help shape the minds of young people wishing to enter the business world due to their academic involvement at major Iranian universities. Tadvin Co. simply serves one purpose-fulfilling all the requirements of its foreign clients either wishing to penetrate the Iranian market or expand their operations in Iran in tandem with offering assistance to Iranian companies wishing to expand their operations either inside or outside Iran.

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